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Latest Case Notes

Miranda was swamped with creditors when her estranged husband died and named her as executor. Was she allowed to pay for the funeral before she paid them back?
Anatoly uses his travel card to transfer funds to his relative Mila in the Ukraine, who uses the second card attached to the account to withdraw the funds. After fraudulent transactions of $480 appear on the account, we investigate whether the card provider needs to credit Anatoly’s account.

Latest News and Publications

Dispute resolution service FSCL is reminding travellers to take extra care of their travel cards, PINs and valuables if heading overseas these holidays. It comes on the back of a spate of recent complaints to FSCL involving fraud on travel cards and travel insurance claims.
Financial dispute resolution service FSCL says lenders are largely meeting their obligations to borrowers, but a few bad eggs are causing real harm for consumers.