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Latest Case Notes

In March 2015 Beth contacted us with a complaint against her credit card provider, Buy-It Limited. In 2003 there had been a miscommunication about a late payment fee. Beth complained that Buy-IT had incorrectly applied $10,310.86 in interest to her account over 12 years.
In 2012 Sam was discharged from bankruptcy. Sam was a member of a superannuation scheme and at the start of the 2015, the scheme’s trustees paid Sam’s superannuation to the Official Assignee. Sam had previously been told by the scheme that the trust deed protected his superannuation being passed to the Official Assignee. Sam wanted the superannuation scheme to reimburse him for the amount that had been in his superannuation, $68,263.58.

Latest News and Publications

Financial Services Complaints Limited (FSCL) is urging the financial services industry to provide clear and comprehensive advice to consumers about replacement insurance cover.
Growth and efficiency has enabled Financial Services Complaints Limited (FSCL) to once again offer participants a significant annual fee reduction.