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Latest Case Notes

The building on the premises Max leased to Steven suffered earthquake damage. An insurance claim was made for the building to be repaired. Steven decided to end the lease because the claim process was taking too long. Max was unable to find a new tenant. Max complained that had the claim process not taken such a long time, he would still be receiving rent from Steven and wanted compensation from the insurer.
Uncertainty followed the discovery that a $80,000 loan was unsecured and repayments had stopped.

Latest News and Publications

Just over 5 years ago Financial Services Complaints Ltd (FSCL) opened its doors for business and Trevor Slater commenced his role as General Manager. During those early months Trevor was instrumental in setting the foundations for the success that FSCL now is. Since then Trevor has continued to be a key part of the FSCL team.
New Zealanders are being reminded to make sure they know what they’re getting into before signing loan agreements, insurance policies and other financial contracts.