Case Studies

Our case notes show how we deal with the many different issues that arise in our case investigations. The case notes aim to provide consumers and participants with guidance as to the approach we are likely to take in a particular type of case or highlight some of the many different ways in which a complaint can be resolved.

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Title Year Case summary
An unexpected fall breaks a holiday 2013

Jerry and Joan planned a trip to Australia and had booked their flights when Joan had an accident and broke her leg.

An inconvenient internal complaints process 2013

James used his credit card to pay the deposit on a campervan rented during an overseas trip.

Accumulated loan arrears 2013

In 2005 Kathleen borrowed $4400 from a finance company, All Rights Reserved (ARR), to buy a car.

A timeshare purchase is for life 2013

Can you cancel the purchase of a timeshare because the benefits fall short? What happens if you cannot afford to pay for your purchase?

A super problem 2013

Sonny put in a withdrawal request for part of his funds in a superannuation scheme.

A Suite Early Resolution 2013

Georgina entered into a hire purchase agreement for a lounge suite with Totally Suite Ltd. Their relationship quickly soured after months of miscommunication. Early resolution by FSCL helped prevent the complaint from taking up too much of the parties’ time and money.

A series of refinanced loans 2013

In 2005 Dennis and Brenda and their son Stuart borrowed $10,000 from a finance company to purchase a vehicle.

A pre-existing problem – the need to declare 2013

Gillian saw her doctor on 17 June 2013. She was suffering from ‘acute infective exacerbation of bronchial asthma’. She was prescribed antibiotics and Prednisone for 2 weeks.

A predictable travel disruption? 2014

Jason was booked to travel from Wellington to Athens to take up a work opportunity.

A not-so-super withdrawal application 2013

Can superannuation funds be withdrawn to fund the building of a home on land you already own?