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Our case notes show how we deal with the many different issues that arise in our case investigations. The case notes aim to provide consumers and participants with guidance as to the approach we are likely to take in a particular type of case or highlight some of the many different ways in which a complaint can be resolved.

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Title Year Case summary
Trip cancelled due to border closures 2020

What happens if airlines cancel flights due to reduced demand at the time you cancel your trip, but the border closures would have meant that your trip was impossible anyway?

Lack of licence leads to loss 2020

One of Jacob’s employees lied to him about obtaining a licence to drive trucks. When the employee crashed a company truck a few months later, Jacob’s insurance claim was declined because the insurer found the company had failed to ensure the employee was suitably licensed.

Two-week tour too long for insurance cover? 2020

Hemi’s insurance claim was declined because his policy required him to hold return tickets to New Zealand for a trip of less than 60 days. Hemi’s trip was only scheduled for two weeks, but he couldn’t book his New Zealand flights until his overseas tour dates were confirmed.

An extreme example of irresponsible lending 2020

What happens if the information the lender had when they approved the loan showed that the lending was completely unaffordable?

Alleged fraud on a trading platform 2020

What happens if you discover your credit card and phone have been used on a trading platform?

Financial hardship application overturned 2020

What happens if you are injured and can no longer afford your loan payments?

Different views on the cancelled cruise 2020

Should the insurer reimburse both the cost of Bridget’s cancelled cruise and her journey alteration costs?

Expensive jewellery lost 2020

What happens if your travel agent arranges a policy extension to cover your expensive jewellery, but when you drop the jewellery in deep snow your claim is declined?

Disinclination to travel, or genuine fear of Covid-19? 2020

In what circumstances does a decision not to travel because of Covid-19, trigger a ‘disinclination to travel’ exclusion clause?

Transferring between investment funds during market volatility 2020

Was there good reason it took a scheme manager six working days to action an investor’s transfer request?