Case Studies

Our case notes show how we deal with the many different issues that arise in our case investigations. The case notes aim to provide consumers and participants with guidance as to the approach we are likely to take in a particular type of case or highlight some of the many different ways in which a complaint can be resolved.

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Title Year Case summary
A strict definition of total permanent disablement 2019

Bopha fell from a stationary ambulance and suffered an injury which left her unable to work as a paramedic. She had $100,000 cover for total, permanent disablement, but her insurer told her that her injury did not amount to total disablement, and that she was only entitled to $5,000. Could this be right?

Inadequate fee disclosure leads to $5,300 settlement 2020

Grace signed up for a life insurance policy provided by their workplace savings scheme. In 2019, Grace’s premiums increased by 25%, and the scheme manager changed their fee structure. Grace did not think the premiums increase was justified, and they did not think the change in fees had been properly disclosed. What could FSCL do?

Do you need receipts to claim for stolen clothing? 2019

Piri had his luggage stolen during a trip to South Africa. Piri’s insurer declined his claim when he could not provide receipts for any of the stolen clothes. Was this fair?

Legal costs not covered by insurance 2020

Bridget’s legal costs were not covered by her insurance policy, but should her insurer have to compensate her anyway?

Mistake leaves loan unaffordable 2021

What happens if your lender makes a mistake when assessing your loan application? Can FSCL help?

Confusion when selling shares 2021

What happens if your sharebroker does not follow your instructions to sell your shares?

Funds frozen in Fiji 2021

Tom discovers his travel card is suddenly frozen while holidaying in Fiji.

Just give me one more month to pay? 2020

Lincoln’s home loan was due to expire, and he needed to find a new lender/mortgagee to refinance the balance. For almost a year, Lincoln kept promising his lender the refinance was about to happen. Eventually, Lincoln’s lender commenced the mortgagee sale process because the balance remained unpaid.

Guarantee dispute settlement rejected 2020

The lender agreed they should not have loaned a further $3,000 to the main borrower without telling the guarantor and offers a settlement that is rejected by the guarantor

Where’s my money? 2021

Kaveeta tried to send money to India, but received an email saying the transaction was not successful. Kaveeta could see the debit on her bank statement. What had happened to her money?