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Our case notes show how we deal with the many different issues that arise in our case investigations. The case notes aim to provide consumers and participants with guidance as to the approach we are likely to take in a particular type of case or highlight some of the many different ways in which a complaint can be resolved.

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Title Year Case summary
The mercury’s rising 2014

You start to suffer from symptoms of mercury poisoning while travelling overseas. You and your travel insurance company cannot agree on the quantum of your claim for ongoing medical costs incurred upon returning to New Zealand.

40 day round trip – a requirement to trigger cover 2014

Return flights to South Africa booked for a travel period of 50 days. You misplace your Ipad 2 at Heathrow while in transit, and make a claim, to discover that you are only covered if your travel period is for 40 days or less.

Deep deep trouble – a deep vein thrombosis disrupts travel 2013

While on holiday with his family in America Adrian developed a deep vein thrombosis disrupting his travel. Adrian had suffered from a DVT before and had a blood clot following surgery 6 months prior to travel. Adrian’s travel insurer declined his claim, and FSCL investigates.

Pack your bags appropriately 2014

Damage to bike not covered by insurance policy because the bike was not transported in a hard case as required by the policy.

Beware – age restrictions which may apply if you change your travel destination 2014

You’ve booked a trip to travel to Australia with your elderly mother. You have to cancel the trip and your mother cannot travel without you. You tell your insurer this and then you book another trip to Rarotonga with your mother, during which your mother passes away. Your insurer then tells you there is only cover for people aged 59 years or less, and will not uphold your claim for additional expenses incurred. FSCL investigates.

Mind your Euros and your Pounds will look after themselves 2014

Terry loaded GBP and Euros onto a prepaid card in NZ before travelling to the UK. When trying to withdraw currency in the UK, he was warned he would incur currency conversion and transaction fees. FSCL found Terry had already been reasonably compensated by the travel card company but noted concerns about the information at the travel card’s point of sale .

Worldwide travel insurance unsuitable for a worldwide reunion 2014

Following Jason’s grandson in the United Kingdom being hospitalised, Jason cancelled his family holiday to Florida. Jason made a claim under his travel insurance policy for his lost deposit.

Exercise caution when accepting foreign exchange trading advice 2014

William acted in reliance on a trading analyst’s advice causing him to lose money.

Proof of fraud – a high threshold to reach 2014

A customer’s profit from a trade on an online trading platform is not paid out by the trading platform because of a suspicion of fraud.

Timeshare – a significant investment which cannot be cancelled 2014

You’ve purchased a timeshare membership and your financial circumstances change. You can no longer meet your obligations under the loan you took out to purchase the membership. Can the membership be cancelled?