Case Studies

Our case notes show how we deal with the many different issues that arise in our case investigations. The case notes aim to provide consumers and participants with guidance as to the approach we are likely to take in a particular type of case or highlight some of the many different ways in which a complaint can be resolved.

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Title Year Case summary
The river runs high: a ruined cruise 2013

The Complainants were on a disrupted cruise. Can they claim for the disrupted days?

Trading platforms – Where’s the money? 2013

If you have a trading account with an online broker and your deposits are made to another third party company, is the broker or the third party company responsible for payment of your requests to withdraw funds?

A Chesty Problem 2013

If you cancel travel on advice from a doctor, will this mean there will be no cover under your insurance policy?

Benefits of an early settlement offer 2011

Gary had 250 pounds stolen while on holiday. After being told on at least 3 occasions his travel insurance company would cover the loss, Gary was very disappointed when his claim as declined.

Generating options to resolve complaints 2013

Why insurance brokers should keep good notes.

An Untimely Restructure 2013

Cancellation of travel – What are your obligations to re-arrange your travel before you cancel your trip?

You must be barking: felling into dispute about a broker’s duty to the client 2012

Does an insurance company have to point out the limits of its insurance policy to an insurance broker who is selling that policy?

Double-dipping into a cancelled cruise 2013

The Complainants wanted a refund for their cancelled cruise, and for the cost of their flights home. Their travel insurer wouldn’t pay for both. What were the Complainants entitled to?

Forex complaints can really bug you 2012

FSCL investigated a legally and factually complex complaint about a bug in the software update of a forex broker’s trading platform

Stretching the cover available 2013

Olive booked a two-week trip to run in the New York Marathon. Unfortunately New York was battered by Hurricane Sandy and race organisers cancelled the marathon two days before it was due to start.